Joes Only One Mango Juice at Melaka Portuguese Settlement

After we had our Pork Satay at Xiang Ji’s, we head to the Portuguese Settlement to chill out and relax ourself after a long day drive. The water front near the seafood food court area is very similar to the one back in Penang Gurney Drive, just shorter.





Old Jetty Pillars



The stall is located at the far left of the food court and only open from 5.30pm onwards.


On the left basket, it is the raw mango and the one on the right is ripe type. This 2 are mix together in a juicer to create a perfect cup of fresh mango juice.


Those mangoes go straight into the juicer and then served on the rock (ice cubes). Then a dried sour plum is added for little hints of salty flavor just like our lime and plum juice. Just like that. No sugar added.


I had 3 cups and still contemplated to go for the 4th. Just got worry can’t drive back to KL on that night. The mango juice is so tasty till I forgot to shoot my glass.


Next ….. our seafood dinner at Portuguese Settlement

Joes Only One Mango Juice is located at :

The far right stall at Portuguese Settlement Seafood Village
Open Daily from 5.30pm to 10pm
Each cup cost RM2.50
Website :

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  1. Best ever mango juice I’ve tasted. Ingredients really made a difference because we ordered from a different stall just to try and compare which was no where close to Joe’s.

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