Huckleberry Cafe at Bangsar Shopping Centre’s Time Book Store

Looking for a quite place to read the latest novel plus sipping down a cup of cappuccino with great desserts? Look further no more. Now there’s a place where you can have all this under a comfortable environment.


Tucked behind all the books which covering it from the main door of Time Bookstore at BSC, this cafe is the place where you can a piece of mind with a quite and comfortable environment to enjoy your book.


A complete counter with wide selections of pastries, gourmet coffee and some old school imported Australian Bickford’s drinks.


Esther camwhoring with the bottled drinks.


All home made quality cakes and desserts


My old school Sarsaparilla drink (RM7 per bottle)



I didn’t know soda water came in red color. Normally all the ice cream soda sold on the shopping market rack is in white color. This is the true color which is should be where it is dated back to 1874. The taste almost like cough syrup.



Guinness Chocolate Cake (RM 9)

This cake carries a strong taste of Guiness Stout. Every single bite of it has a strong malt taste. The longer you keep the cake the more the taste get stronger.


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