Alternate Home Dining Location at Bangsar House Of Tang

Is there anything more joyous than laughing with our loved ones in a cozy reunion dinner? Absolutely no. House of Tang believes firmly in the good spirit of homecoming children especially in these seasons and they just know how to make it even warmer!




House Of Tang was a bungalow convert building which resides in along the Bangsar Seafood Village. To make you feel at home, the restaurant is done from the ground up. You will enjoy a purposely built home-restaurant. You can enjoy your meals either at garden area, living area, private rooms, and dining area, upstairs or downstairs. You can go back to basics with our superb home styled dishes. You can enjoy your gathering here no matter how small or big your family is. And most importantly, their staffs are trained to be friendly yet not familiar, efficient yet not intrusive.


All sorts of tea pots, leaves and cups displayed and available for sale


Home style decoration which makes dining more comfortable

Chinese New Year Wish and Decorations

In inaugural of their first anniversary and also  Chinese New Year, Master Chef Koh has prepared a surprise for us. His singular focus is fixed at providing unsurpassed level of homey experience for the entire duration of your gathering, be it a dinner or lunch.


Master Chef Koh


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