Enju, Japanese Restaurant at Prince Hotel


Ichigo Daifuku Mochi – RM16


Steamed Rice Cake filled with fresh strawberries …… Ichigo Daisuki! (Means I love Strawberry in Japanese Language)

A celebration won’t be complete without killing a couple bottles of sake. 1 cold and 1 warm.


Sawanotsuru Honjozo Karakuchi Warm Sake from Kobe Prefecture (Glass 180ml) – RM45

A_097I feel sober all night long ….


Onion28The sake kick came in and make us all high all nite long

Sawanoi Daikarakuchi Junmai Cold Sake from Tokyo (180 Glass ml)-  RM45


To Aunty

congratsHappy Birthday!congratsgirl

We end the celebration by dropping by to Tai Zi Heen for a bowl of their signature “KWAI LIN GOU” which I taste the best in town so far.


This herbal jelly suppose to be bitter in taste but chef Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein spice it up a bit with honey sea coconut, snow fungus, pomelo flesh and little bit of sago. All of us love the taste and it cool us down after drinking so much sake.

ENJU Open for lunch from 12noon to 2.30m Monday to Friday. Dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 6.30pm to 11.00pm on Saturday. The restaurant is closed for lunch on Saturday, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


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