Kuala Lumpur Best Nasi Lemak at Jalan Ipoh, In Front Of HSBC Bank

Nasi Lemak ….. one of the favorite food in Malaysia for breakfast. I came across a few much talk about best nasi lemak around KL and PJ area. Notable nasi lemak seller like Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at Kampung Baru and Village Park at Damansara Uptown were slightly over rated. I grow up with Nasi lemak since I was having a neighbour who is a nasi lemak seller. Everyday just go next door and tar pau. I miss those days.

Nasi lemak doesn’t need to be fancy and just need to have the basic condiments like hard boil egg, deep fried crunchy anchovies, fresh cut cucumber and sambal. That’s it. Over the year more and more dish were added to the nasi lemak like beef, cockles, squids and fried eggs. Too many things add on will make it like a full main course. Nasi lemak is meant to be light weight to start your day.

My favorite Nasi Lemak stall is located in front of HSBC Bank along Jalan Ipoh. This stall has 3 branches but I will tell you 2 which is more easy to find.

In front of HSBC Bank Jalan Ipoh

At the corner of Mutiara Shopping Complex at Jalan Ipoh

This is the daugher who take care the stall at Mutiara Complex. She is the one who did the cooking base on her mom’s recipe

This is the mom who started the business

Sambal Sotong


Fried Eggs

Kick ass beef rendang

Fiery hot sambal – Put more of this and you will taste the wrath of the chili (The best sambal for nasi lemak I ever had)


My pack of nasi lemak with basic condiments and squid

The nasi lemak carry a strong aroma when you unpack them and imagine the whole pantry were able to smell it. I always get curse for not tar pau for my colleague last time. I usually buy it when I feel like it cause I am staying nearby last time. Now no more. It is damn far for me now to go eat this stall. I like my pack of nasi lemak to be simple with lots of sambal. I usually have 3 scoops of it. The rice were just right without too much of coconut milk and come with ginger and pandan leaf fragrant.

The stall starts at 7am and sold out before 9am. Off On Sunday.

Place: Nasi Lemak in Front of Jalan Ipoh HSBC Bank

Location : in Front of Jalan Ipoh HSBC Bank
GPS Coordinate : N3 10.777 E101 41.028
Location Map :
Address : Look for Jalan Ipoh HSBC
Contact No :
Website :
Business Hour : 7.00am till 9.00am
Off Day : Sunday
Food Type: Malay Food
Price: Cheap
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 1/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : NO
Smoking and non smoking zone : NO
Tax :
Recommended Foods : Beef rendang and sambal sotong

Recommended Drinks :



43 Replies to “Kuala Lumpur Best Nasi Lemak at Jalan Ipoh, In Front Of HSBC Bank”

  1. Tempting….
    The nasi lemak seems really ‘berlemak’ especially almost all the lauk are in the pool of oil.
    The lady with with million smiles using her bare hand to pack the nasi lemaks.

    1. She have no choice to use hand cause I ask her tambah my bilis till she have to clip like 5 to 6 times for the bilis. Then I said makcik tangan angkat lagi cepat la …. hahahaha …… i love their ikan bilis … so crunchy and fine quality type. not those cheapo mamak one with dirt and bones.

  2. I tried the nasi lemek infront of HSBC and also the one at the side of HSBC building next to the uncle who sells great chinese tong sui! The Paciks nasi lemak was memorable to me. Great kick and worth a try. I actually preferred Paciks nasi lemak.

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