CLOSED : Kafe Rajah Brooke – The Most Authentic Sarawak Foods in Klang Valley


How do you define authentic food from a particular stall or restaurant? For anything that come with “Penang DISH NAME”. I will first approach them and speak Penang Hokkien directly.  For Sarawakian food, I guess you should go with the Kuching local Hakka slang.

I previously really curious to try the local food taste of Sarawakian foods. All I got is just Kolo mee in Taman Megah at first. Now we got a restaurant that focus in authentic Sarawak foods. The shop is called Kafe Rajah Brooke. Just by the name alone already tells you it is Sarawak related. Those that never study about Malaysian history probably won’t know about this.

Kafe Rajah Brooke is run by 100% Sarawak people. It was established by husband and wife (Kenneth and Yvonne) who love Sarawakian foods a lot. They just have a simple goal which is to share the good food to the public or some of the Sarawak people who reside in Klang Valley.

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Open Daily

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Rajah Brooke Portrait – The restaurant is named after this person

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Cozy and simple setup


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  1. O.o This place is in Kuchai Lama and I live around this area but haven’t heard about it. Is it new? Coz I left KL last September. Will definitely visit this place after I return to KL. The photo of Rajah Brooke actually reminded me of reading my sejarah book long time ago…

    Sugar Beans last blog post..The Loaf

  2. I’ve tried before and I must say it’s nice. If you go during lunch time, they’ll give u a desert and drink for free =)

  3. Hi,

    Just tried the food at Rajah Brooke, I went for the Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee.
    I’m a Sarawakian, from Kuching to be more specific, and its always nice to discover places that serve food that reminds me of home. The environment was nice, location was not too difficult to find (from Sunway), and though the pricing is kind of on the high-side, its well worth it.

    The laksa was ok, Taman Megah’s one is better in my opinion :), it reminded me of my high school canteen’s laksa (SMB St. Joseph, Kuching), and the Kolo mee was nice…but missing the red pork-oil usually available in Kuching, taste was nice.

    Overall its worth a visit, and i’ll be heading there for the Padungan Curry rice 🙂

  4. Sarawak kolo mee available in Eat Sense Restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong, new shops on the right of Giant Bandar Puteri. Wantan mee, nasi lemak, char kueh teow, fast food rice and steamboat also available

    RM3 promotion on all stall food and 50% discount on drinks – try the Teh C Peng Special. From 31st Dec 2010 until 31st Jan 2011.

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