Tamarind Hill – Hilltop Rustic Dining Experience In The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur! – The Food

An introductory menu however extensive, consists of their signature Red Tom Yam cooked with river lobsters among spicier or subtler soups of sorts, none less Siamese than others yet many are new to local diners. The line-up of Thai salads too includes green-chili-and-lime cured seafood for those who are familiar with it or mouth-watering lychee salad with roasted duck as well as the popular seared salmon & roe salad tossed with shallots and a zesty house dressing.

Curry-lovers will be bowled over by Tamarind Hill’s exquisite curry selection like Steamed Fish Roe Curry with Roasted Rice & Apple Eggplants, Wagyu Cheek Panaeng Curry,  a milder Burmese curry called Mandalay chicken and potatoes, and of course the authentic green curry. The array of fish and seafood dishes come steamed or deep-fried and with Thai sauces of sorts; wine or butter and even steamed salted egg yolks.

All the foods served here are slightly different of what we have in the market. Most of the Thai restaurant in town serve southern Thai foods which is more sour and spicy. Tamarind Hill serve northern Thai with more specific Akhar tribe. You can’t find this available in any other restaurant in Malaysia for this.

Below are the line ups for the food tasting session :

tamarind hill - food - 01.JPG
Tamarind Juice

tamarind hill - food - 02.JPG
Lovely Black and White Chocolate With Tamarind Hill’s Logo

tamarind hill - food - 04.JPG
Spicy Grilled Wagyu Beef Salad

tamarind hill - food - 05.JPG
Lime cured Tiger Prawns rolled in Salmon Sashimi

tamarind hill - food - 06.JPG
Lime cured Tiger Prawns rolled in Salmon Sashimi


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    very delicious indeed . . . . . . . .. .something simple and unique

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    BBO : Yea and very classy too …

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