Nachos Nachos at Giant, Kota Damansara

Mexican foods in our Malaysian market I would say it is much dominant by Chilis. When people talk about Tostada chips and Fajitas, we would automatically think of them. I guess it is more probably they have been long in the market and have more branches with their expansion accross Malaysia. But to dine there is ain’t cheap. It is much of a medium range type of restaurant which also serves as a bar for chilling out on their famous Presidente Margarita.

Yesterday I came across Masak-Masak’s post on Nachos Nachos located inside Giant Hypermarket, Kota Damansara.

nachosnachos 12.jpg

The setup of the restaurant are rather simple. All the walls are painted green with some simple drawings and decorations. The ceiling also is made of zinc unlike others that mostly use plaster ceiling.

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Kids age 12 and below get to dine for free. At first when I was there, only 2 tables including mine were occupied. All of sudden there were 2 big families came in and occupied 3/4 of the whole restaurants table. I guess this is rather more of a family restaurant compared to Chilis which serves alchohol drink for adults. They do sell Margaritas here but without the alchohol. You don’t want to see your kid took a sip of your drink and laughing alone at the corner the whole night.

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  1. allie : aiyo ….. better take care gal ….

    Selba : I gave them a 3/5 base on my personal taste bud. This does not reflect any other person’s taste towards the food. I guess if you are the one eating it, you sure giving them a 4/5 at least! They have lots of way to make the nachos taste better.

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