Early “Lou Sang” at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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At a glance it looks rather normal dim sum which you can easily get from normal dim sum house in the city except the green color fish ball with something looks like a button mushroom on top. Let us look closely ….

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Steamed Crystal Dumplings filled with Dried Scallops – Rating 5/5 at RM13.50

At first I thought it is just a normal “HAR KAO” or prawn dumplings. When chewing it I could not taste the normal prawn meat in it. So I look at the menu …. OMG it is a scallop dumpling. This is my first time trying this. The skin are just nice and the fillings are just right. Recommended to try!

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Steamed Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings with Mexican Clams – Rating 4/5 at RM12

This also give me a surprise which it looks like an ordinary “SIU MAI”. But the perfect match between chicken meat mix with Mexican clams are something new which come with a very fresh taste versus the conventional pork siu mai which sometime carries a strong pork smell.

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Steamed Fish Balls with Abalone and Fat Choy –
I didn’t manage to test this as I am busy taking photographs. RM12

tai zi heen cny special 2009 25.jpgTop Left : Pan-Fried Bean Curd Roll with roasted duck and dried mushrooms – Rating 5/5 at RM12, Top Right : Deep-fried spring roll loh hon-style – Rating 4/5 at RM10, Front : Crispy Yam Puff with Fresh Scallops and Parmesan Cheese – Rating 5/5 at RM13

The Pan-Fried Bean Curd Roll with roasted duck and dried mushrooms is very tasty and taste almost like Peking Duck with slightly more meat under the bean curd skin wrap. The Deep-fried spring roll loh hon-style also looks like an ordinary popiah. But the stuffings are replaced by Loh Hon Zai [Vegetarian Platter for Monk] inside rather than using conventional Jiu Hu Char (Stir Fried Turnips with Cuttle Fish).


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  1. WOW! we really camwhore and really there for a marvellous treat, what a fantastic nite, great food and great company! Ricky looked like he is doing a magic show! lol!

    Big Boys Ovens last blog post..

  2. BBO : ya lo …. Ricky’s creation are simply outstanding and the whole session was fun.

    Allie : more to come …. and merry Xmas to you too

    cariso : That is ladies favorite. Some of the ladies in that session had 2 servings.

    CK : Yes indeed ….

  3. Selba : You can expect that from an award winning restaurant. 😀

    PTP : I eat for FREE ok ? Then that even better for recession cause I no need to spend money. hahahaha

  4. I’m not a big fan of yee sang. Tossing noodles higher to ensure prosperity? How about working harder instead?!

    Yeah, I thought that the dim sum assortment looked “normal” at first, but when you start describing what they are really made of, it’s amazing. I think that if this really is premium Chinese cuisine, it should look like it, don’t you agree?

    Nates last blog post..Merry Christmas from House of Annie

  5. The food looks really amazing and I can see that u rated almost every single dish as 5/5. Must be really good. HAha… Wait till someone pays for my meal there first than I will go. Hehe.. BTw, Merry Belated Xmas!

  6. Steven : you still can collect meh ….. I thought start giving out?

    Nate : It is just a tradition …… I couldn’t agree more on the work harder part especially the current recession.

    May : Yea …… wish to Santa ….. hahahaha

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